Scalping: License to Admission vs. A Piece of Property?

This post is based on a recent news headline:

Tragically Hip fans cry foul after presale tickets scooped up in minutes


Have you ever gone online to purchase a ticket to some show or game you want to attend, only to find all tickets are sold out minutes after going on sale? Well you know what happens, right? Scalpers grab them all up at the original retail price and immediately resell at a huge markup.

Lots of questions come to mind regarding the ethics of this kind of practice. For one thing, what value have the resellers added that warrants the increase in price?

Some Background:

Google Books – Prohibition of Ticket Brokerage

It seems that ticket resellers are protected by arcane laws. Ontario’s Ticket Speculation Act amendment, brought in July 1, 2015, allows the for-profit resale of tickets if sellers can provide authentication or offer a money-back guarantee.

Here’s the big Question

Should an Event Ticket be treated as

  • an individual’s License / Right of Admission, or
  • a piece of property to be flipped for profit?

My take on this is that it is just not right, regardless of the law. You have to think of the original intent and reason tickets came into being.

The way we could make things work better would be to register each ticket to a person who will be using it, like an airline ticket.

What do you think?



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