Ian creates it like it is

I’m talking about Ian Kochberg, the award-winning Canadian artist and master printmaker who, after over 40 years in the Toronto area has, very recently moved his home, studio and gallery to beautiful Springwater. We have visited his new digs and the display of his art all through the place is wonderful.

Below is a sample of Ian’s work, in a Musical Theme.

There are so many cool things about this piece.

I discovered it after receiving an email from the artist’s wife, announcing his new web site. First off, it is very musical, which is my cup of tea. It depicts a 14th Century European notation which is actually the first 8 notes of the song “Que Sera, Sera (What Ever Will Be Will Be)“… very clever.

Don’t you think this in itself is rather amazing? – The theme of my site, being “it is what it is“, in combination with the song which puts that expression into the future tense? – And discovering this brilliant piece of art almost by “accident”?

Here is a link to Ian’s beautiful new website: https://iankochberg.com/



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