The Future Is Stupid

… Well, maybe not stupid, but bordering on insanity. I am talking about the human species trying to deal with Climate Change / Global Warming. We also have to deal with the elephant in the room. Let’s break it down…

I have heard of the example where an Alcoholic joins AA, doesn’t think it is for them and that they can deal with the problem their own way; the go back out and get worse, come back in – doing this several times before realizing that they have to change their behaviour.

Climate Change / Global Warming

Current political thinking for some countries, based science, has lofty goals of reducing carbon emissions by a certain level by a certain date. Emissions from automobiles have been identified as a large culprit, hence the big push to get rid of gasoline and diesel vehicles and opt for electric.

With this strategy playing out and no more “dirty” vehicles on the road, there remains the question, how do you provide power to keep all these batteries charged?

We already have a delicate balance between supply and demand for electric power and “the grid” is becoming more susceptible to failure for various reasons. With current statistics, roughly 70% of all people in the United States and Canada own vehicles.

According to Wikipedia, by the end of 2020 there were more than 10 million light-duty plug-in vehicles on the world’s roads.

This leads me to some simple math:

  • Population of United States at 2020 = 329 million
  • Population of Canada at 2020 = 38 million
  • Total population both countries = 369 million
  • 70% of all people both countries = 259 million vehicles

With 10 million light-duty plug-in vehicles today and another (259-10) million more in the future, that is an increase in demand on the power grid by 25 times. How are we to increase electric capacity by such a huge amount?

The Elephant In The Room

There is awkwardness / avoidance /reluctance / denial / ignorance around talking about this, but we have a world population that is increasing. This unplanned growth can only lead to even further impact on our power consumption projections.

I leave you with this: will the goal of having all electric cars in the future be the answer to fixing Climate Change?


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