All Electric Vehicles / A Greener Future?

I am concerned about the future of our world with Climate Change / Global Warming. We have all heard of having to deal with the “elephant in the room”. Let’s look at just one issue.

Based on current science, the political thinking for some countries has them setting goals like reducing carbon emissions by a certain percentage and by a certain date. Emissions from the internal combustion engines of cars and trucks have been identified as the big offenders, hence the “politically correct” push to have all Electric Vehicles and get rid of gasoline and diesel combustion.

What I wonder is, with this strategy playing out and a future with no more “dirty” vehicles on the road, there remains the question: how would we be able to provide power to keep all these Electrics charged?

You may have also heard that certain energy sectors are upset about this push to have less demand for oil; e.g. the Oil Sands of Alberta, Canada.

For years there has been a delicate balance between Supply and Demand for electric power and, as time marches on, our aging power infrastructures, are becoming more susceptible to failure for various reasons. There have been many complete blackouts in some areas due to natural disasters and the occasional cyber attack.

I’ve done a bit or research and here is a recent “Vehicles per Capita” statistic:

roughly 70% of all people in the United States and Canada own vehicles.

With the push to have all EV, according to Wikipedia,

by the end of 2020 more than 10 million light-duty plug-in vehicles were running on the world’s roads.

Taking “70% of all people” literally, here is some rudimentary arithmetic:

  • Population of United States at 2020 = 331 million
  • Population of Canada at 2020 = 37 million
  • Total population both US and Canada = 368 million
  • 70% of all people both countries = 258 million vehicles

Assuming all gas guzzlers become eventually retired, with 10 million light-duty plug-in vehicles in 2020 and another 248 million more coming along in the not-too-distant future, that is an increase in Demand on the power grid by a factor of 25 times.

How are we to increase electric capacity (Supply) by such a huge amount?

The Elephant In The Room

There is sometimes an awkwardness / avoidance /reluctance / denial / ignorance around talking about this figurative, intangible beast, but our world population is still increasing. This growth can only lead to even further impact on our power demand projections.

I leave you with this:

Will having all Electric Vehicles in the future actually improve the Climate Change issue?

What am I not understanding? Please feel free to comment.



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